Global Data Mining helps multi-national companies optimize business processes and turn unorganized data into corporate assets managers and executives use to improve performance, save money, and accelerate the international supply chain.

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GDM works closely with our sister-company: CUSTOMS Info provides the World’s most comprehensive trade data repository delivered via web-based subscription or as data to populate any GTM or Landed Cost application.

CiGDM provide enterprise solutions to help businesses optimize Global Trade Management (GTM) systems and streamline global trade automation.


Outsource Solutions
Services: Classification research, global classifications for more than 140 countries and territories, electronic auditing to support prior disclosures and other government requirements, technical (IT) projects or on-going managed services.

Global Trade Desktop™                    
SaaS Software: Proprietary web-based global classification system brings together all the trade data residing at various sources around the enterprise and provides a unified view of all data for veracity, maintenance, Customs compliance, and use with any applications.

Audit Desktop™
SaaS Software: Automated, web-enabled auditing system that empowers your staff to complete customs audits in a dramatically more effective manner.

Xtreme Trade Intelligence™
Analytics: The most comprehensive global trade analytics available… no client IT resources required.