Four Pillars of Excellence

GDM has an intense focus and commitment to the technical levels of knowledge required to automate and control processes in large multinational corporate systems.

Our services are based on four pillars of excellence.

I Expert Information
We leverage our partnership with CUSTOMS Info to Gather & Organize the most comprehensive and up-to-date global trade data in the world.

II Fact Based Analysis
Our Data Experts use refined processes developed over decades to provide the most comprehensive overview of our client’s global trade operations. These intense data mining processes create targeted reports that provide insight and transparency to make improved decisions, develop better strategies, and assign specific projects to implement effective change.

III Superior Technology
We maximize modern technology and decades of experience to develop sophisticated, proprietary software specifically to analyze, integrate, audit, and screen global trade data.

IV Unprecedented Speed & Scale
Decades of experience and the power of technology have exponentially reduced the transaction costs typically associated with comprehensive data analysis. Together, these forces have created efficiencies that can profitably do tasks that traditional methods could not reasonably consider. For example, our data mining programs can efficiently review 100,000 or even 1,000,000 line item transactions in a matter of minutes.