Our Staff includes:
• Classification Experts
• Programmers
• Data Analysts
• Research Analysts
• Language Skills*
• Project Leadership
• Executive Experience

Our areas of expertise include:
• Content Conversion
• Creating Global Trade Databases
• Classification Services
• HTS Conversion - country to country
• Global Trade Reporting and Analysis
• Customized Trade Projects
• Electronic Auditing of Global Trade Processes

* Language Skills including Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese and Cantonese.

Flexible Pricing

While our fees start at a rate of $85 per hour, we offer flexible pricing models to accommodate our client’s needs and corporate requirements.

High-tech, High-quality, Low-cost
How are we able to provide world class global trade services starting at only $85 per hour?

We designed our company on the foundation provided by three powerful thinkers: Our innovative business model combines the lessons learned from these great thinkers and organizes four powerful forces (people, best practices, technology & data) designed to provide High-tech, High-quality, Low-cost services to the global trade community.

I A talented and experienced staff,
II Industry best practices,
III State-of-the-art technology, and
IV The World's most powerful and comprehensive trade databases from CUSTOMS Info.