GDM's services focus in three important areas: Assembling, Researching & Utilizing global trade data to help our clients make better decisions, develop better strategies, and implement effective change to move goods faster.

FOIA Request for ITRAC Data
Request for ETRAC Data
Xtreme Trade Reports Orders
eTradeData Library™ - critical trade data provided in customized databases

Forensic Supply Chain Analysis™ - research and identification of the most advantageous trade agreements and preferential treatments available in your supply chain
Mass Class™ Research System - classify and organize thousands, or hundreds of thousands of items into a state-of-the-art global trade database
Matrix Xpress™ - HTS conversion for 101 countries to create a truly global classification database
Global Trade Desktop™ - a web-enabled, classification research system to increase the speed and accuracy of your work

10+2 Data Solutions - Using 10+2 Regulations to Create Competitive Advantage
Gender and Age Discrimination Duty Refund Calculator
2007 HS Reform Screening Reports - Quickly and effectively identify the scope of the HS Reform on your business
Electronic Auditing - Audit entry and receiving data to identify valuation and classification errors
DPL Xtreme Screening™ - identify denied parties that traditional screening may miss.
ECCN Finder™ - simplify ECCN classification, reduce research time, improve documentation
Xtreme Trade Intelligence™ Reports - Detailed reports to provide extreme transparency, assess current performance and develop targeted strategies to improve trade processes and financial performance.

Brokers Back Office™ - data and technical services to expand broker's and forwarder's capacity
Fourth Power™ - high quality, hi-tech, low cost outsourcing for critical trade projects
7-Step International Trade Compliance Review - a full assessment of your international operation
Customized Services - design specifications and requirements for automation projects

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